Ooohm …. This is the only thing that comes to mind.. When i was in .. Probably Yeaaaar… One or two Really young. There was this really strange kid in my class called Nathaniel Royal-Evvert. How do you spell this, I think it’s like, it’s like double its like two words hyphenated… And I was leaving school one day and as yeah as I was leaving school I bit my arm so hard that it left a mark. And when I came home I went straight up to my mom and told her that Nathaniel Royal-Evvert… Had bitten me. * Laughs * Thinking that it would just be this funny thing and my mom was obviously really chocked and we went back into the school with my mum to tell the teacher what had happened and I just continued to lie * Laughs * About Nathaniel having bit me. Until we then left the office and I knew that Nathaniel was going to get really badly told off the next day and it would be really bad for him and then In the car I burst out crying and told my mum that it wasn’t actually Nathaniel that had bit me and we turned the car around and went back to the office and I had to tell the teacher that it wasn’t actually Nathaniel that had bit me I had bit myself… And Nathaniel never found out about it. And I think I just realized in that moment that I just didn’t want to be a mean person.